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Remote Actuation Monitor

The Remote Actuation Monitor can be used to remotely monitor and control electronic devices through the cloud.

  • Example Applications
    • Remotely monitor water safety in sprinkler irrigation water to ensure adequate levels of peracetic acid or chlorine to disinfect the water.
      • Helps to prevent E. coli contamination
    • Remotely monitor the water level in irrigation ditches to allow irrigators to monitor multiple pumps at once from a tablet.
    • Remote control hail cannons so that you don't have to race the weather to protect the crop.
  • Each Device has a 4G LTE cellular connection
  • Can be programmed to send text message alerts
  • Optional Kits
    • Water Level Sensor Kit
    • Water Safety Monitor Kit
    • Mainline Water Pressure Kit
    • Engine Monitoring Option for Oil Pressure and Water Temperature
  • Service Technicians on call 24 hours/day, 362 days per year.
  • Free software updates and no annual subscription fees.
Options are available. Please contact our sales team to get more information on the Agmechtronix Remote Actuation Monitor

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